Sony EX TV vs. Sony NX TV

Difference Between Sony EX TV and Sony NX TV Sony, the most sought after brand in the world…

Difference Between Sony EX TV and Sony NX TV

Sony, the most sought after brand in the world of entertainment has spread craziness amongst people with its Bravia series of LCD and LED. Two of those are Sony EX and Sony NX that use similar name ‘Bravia Engine 3’ and use HD video processor. It produces lively images that are very striking. All Bravia models give HD 1080p resolution.

Sony 40” NX 500

Sony NX 500 will prove to be the best choice for all you stylish people out there. The stunning picture quality due to Bravia Engine 3 is not affected in spite of its slender structural design. This LCD TV by Sony has been given a colossal design which includes 240Hz refresh rates, LED backlit screens, internet video and inbuilt Wi-Fi abilities.

Sony 40” EX 500

With the captivating HD images one is certain to get hypnotized and addicted to this model from Sony. You will appreciate the latest features installed in it and look forward to watching movies on this model. 120 Hz refresh rates and 7 HD inputs, ability to connect to the internet are some of its great features. You will definitely enjoy your sport match experience and start loving this TV all the more.

If we compare the two, we can say that there is less variety between the two to choose from like audio and video are similar. Other differences also exist.


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