Sony PS 2 vs. PS 3

Difference Between Sony PS 2 and PS 3 Sony launched two versions of its Play Station gaming consoles-PS2…

Difference Between Sony PS 2 and PS 3

Sony launched two versions of its Play Station gaming consoles-PS2 and PS3. Out of the two, PS3 is the newest and advanced in its features. An on-board Wi-Fi, Blu-Ray, high definition graphics and digital entertainment sets it apart from PS2. But in terms of cost, PS2 is preferred. Also PS2 games can’t be played on PS3 console.

Enhanced graphics and fluid motion due to superior processors and GPU are found in PS3. An on-board Wi-Fi adapter that allows connection to a wireless access point is also included in PS3. Unlike PS3, PS2 does not include a wireless connection but has online play through an on-board or network card. PS3 is able to play Blu-Ray discs, which is an appealing feature to the consumers who feel convinced on getting a Blu-Ray player along with the console. Sadly, this feature was not available at the time of PS2’s invention. Not only that, PS3 also includes an HDMI port that helps in digitally transmitting HD videos to HD installed screens. Many users preferred PS2 as the games made initially for the original playstation could be played on it. So the list included games from both sides. While most of PS3 models aren’t backward compatible to PS2, but PS3 is backwards compatible to playstation through software simulation. Some PS2 parts like Emotion Engine and Graphic Synthesizer GPU were eventually taken out from PS3, which earlier was capable of playing some PS2 games.

In spite of the fact that PS3 is better than PS2 in many ways, people still prefer PS2 and call it the best. We can blame this on the absence of backward compatibility in PS3, but eventually as more games get settled in it wont be surprising as to why people would start switching onto it.



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