Sony PS3 vs. Xbox 360

Difference Between Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 Xbox360 and SonyPS3 were gaming consoles but now many other entertainment…

Difference Between Sony PS3 and Xbox 360

Xbox360 and SonyPS3 were gaming consoles but now many other entertainment features have been incorporated in them to make them more of entertainment devices than just gaming consoles. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has technology for action gaming in their console. Both Microsoft and Sony Ps3 have followed Nintendo Wii in their technologies.

Here are some unique features of these two devices so that you compare them and decide that which one will be good for you.

Features of Xbox360

  1. Kinect sensor allows you to control all the motions without a controller. This sensor recognizes and tracks your body movements and mirrors them in the game. This makes the game very fast and full of fun. The sensor is capable of recognizing and tracking the gestures and voice commands of as many as 6 players at a time. This sensor is compatible with all the Xbox 360 consoles.
  2. You can access Xbox Live on your phone that is Windows phone 7.
  3. You can play with a wireless controller with the option available on the console.
  4. The wireless controller has the range of up to 30 feet and life of the two AA batteries is of 30 hours.
  5. Wi-Fi connectivity (802.11 n).
  6. Access  to Netflix and Sky Channels
  7. Download games, connect and play with friends
  8. Online multiplayer
  9. Access Facebook and twitter
  10. Chat
  11. 5 USB ports
  12. standard Ethernet port
  13. HDMI output
  14. Bluetooth
  15. Integrated optical audio out port for A/V receiver.

You can choose from any of the two models Xbox 360 Elite and Xbox 360 Slim. Elite has internal Hard disk of 4GB while Slim is lighter and has internal hard disk of 250 GB. Elite measures 310mm x 80mm x 260mm and weighs 3.5 kgs while Xbox 360 Slim measures 270mm x 75mm x 264mm and weighs 2.9 kgs.

Features of Sony PS3

  1. Built in Wi-Fi for faster and easy wireless communication
  2. Blu-ray disc compatibility,
  3. 3D graphics
  4. Free online multi player.
  5. Better processors and GPU for better graphics and fluid motion.
  6. Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller.
  7. Ability to play Blu-Ray discs
  8. PS Move, which uses 3D webcam, is connected by USB to the console. It can recognize and track your movements.
  9. Light weight controller which easily fits in your hand.
  10. Controller communicates with console by Bluetooth.
  11. Own PlayStation Network for downloading games playing online, web surfing, chat and video chat using PlayStation Eye camera.
  12. You have the facility to share things between PlayStation PS3 and PSP with in-built wireless feature or do it remotely with an access point.
  13. Access PlayTV and VidZone. Vid zone allows music vedio streaming.
  14. Save your photos and view on PS3.
  15. 2 USB ports
  16. standard Ethernet port
  17. HDMI output
  18. Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
  19. Integrated optical audio out port for A/V receiver.
  20. Memory: 2.5″ Serial ATA 120 GB Hard disk, 256 MB XDR Main RAM, 256 MB GDDR3 VRAM

You can easily compare the features and see the differences between them. Both have their own advantages but there are some disadvantages or limitations in both of these play stations.

Xbox’s Kinect can capture your face and body and this is why you need to be at a minimum distance of 1.8 m and for adults it is between 2.4 and 3 m. The new addition is not compatible with some of the games and applications. You may have to use the controller for playing some of your games and accessing Xbox Live features like Game Marketplace and Friend’s List.

PS3 slim is not backwards compatible and you cannot play the games for PS2. PS3 is backwards compatible via software emulation. Sony has removed PS2 parts from the PS3 like the Emotion Engine and Graphic Synthesizer GPU. The basis consoles are at par with the newer versions when compared in terms of content and cost.

Xbox live is cheaper on gaming side while PlayStation Network is for entertainment lovers and who want to access PlayTV, VidZone, BBC iPlayer. You can play free online multi player games with PlayStation Network while for playing games on Xbox Live you need to have gold account membership.


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