Sound Editing vs. Sound Mixing

Difference Between Sound Editing and Sound Mixing Films in the Oscars are nominated in terms of sound mixing…

Difference Between Sound Editing and Sound Mixing

Films in the Oscars are nominated in terms of sound mixing and sound editing. Mostly one single film wins in both the categories. So that would mean sound editing is the same as sound mixing. But that’s not always true. There is a big difference between the two and people should be aware about it. Let’s find out.

Sound editing

Sound editing is a very necessary component that is used in a film. It is planned in a serious manner in the studio. In this, a sound or music is made out of nowhere and also it is unique for the movie. When we talk of sound editing we mean inventing. A lot of things come under sound editing.

Sound mixing

When we mix existing sounds into a film, we call it sound mixing. It is a very strenuous task and requires a flawless component for matching the movie’s scene. Moreover, t should be done in such a manner so that there is a balance between the movie and its sound effects and one does not overshadow the other. This is the exact concept behind creating effects, dialogues and music.


In films, sound editing and mixing hold a great deal of significance and respect. In their case, neither of the two can do without each other. When we create something from the very beginning, it refers to sound editing. And when existing sounds are mixed together to emphasize or create equilibrium in a specific scene, then it is known as sound mixing.

The people responsible for sound editing are cinematographers rather than directors, which is what people normally presume. The former combines various effects and aspects of sound in creating a sole sound.


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