Sound Engineering vs. Audio Engineering

Difference Between Sound Engineering and Audio Engineering Everyone loves music and this is why the attempts to produce…

Difference Between Sound Engineering and Audio Engineering

Everyone loves music and this is why the attempts to produce good music are made continuously. Sound Engineering and Audio Engineering are involved in making music more pleasing to hear. Music played during the live shows and recorded music is captured, mixed, edited and then reproduced to make it better. This is done with the help of electronic and mechanical devices and the entire task is carried out by Audio or the sound engineers.  It is the hard work and skills of a sound or audio engineer which makes the music in the live concerts so clear and impressive.

Sound engineering is all about the study of physics at a basic level, various aspects of music, acoustics and electronics. Post production work also needs the sound engineers to have expertise in handling related computer applications. If you compare the music industry from the days of invention of Gramophone by Thomas Edison in 1877, then it has come a very long way. Today we have so many devices just for playing music and these devices are technically too advanced.

A sound engineer records the variation in the sound and then mixes it with the help of different electronic sound mixing devices. An electronic mixing board is one such device used by them which is equipped with different switches, lights, meters and dials and they record the music with the help of this mixing board. Workstations, sequencing software and signal processors are some other devices which are used for polishing the recorded music and making it better for us to listen to.

To become a sound engineer you need to do a course in audiography and sound recording. If you love music and are passionate about picking up sounds then you can be a sound engineer. This is not just another engineering course that you can do but the career opportunities in this field are as vast as any other stream of engineering. You can make your career in television and film industry.

Audio engineering is all about handling and dealing with the practical aspects of music. This is why it is different from acoustic engineering which deals with theoretical aspects of music. Audio engineers are commonly called audio technicians which is a more appropriate word to describe the job that they do. People with a background in fine arts, music or broadcasting are the ones who usually take up a course in sound engineering while people who pursue audio engineering are from arts background. Many colleges are awarding degrees like BS in audio production in this field of engineering.

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