South Africa vs. North Africa

Difference Between South Africa and North Africa Africa is the second most populous region in the world with…

Difference Between South Africa and North Africa

Africa is the second most populous region in the world with poor economy. South and North Africa are share a similar history and ethnicity and both these regions are facing the problem of rapidly increasing population of human beings as well as wild animals.  Despite many similarities there are so many differences between them.

Here are some of the interesting facts about South Africa:

  1. Capital of South Africa is Johannesburg and South Africa is in the southern region of Africa.
  2. It has a diverse culture with three major cities which have their own cultures.
  3. There is parliamentary system of government.
  4. Majority of the people are poor.
  5. There are a number of ethnic groups and these groups have different languages. There are as many as 9 official and many other unofficial languages.
  6. Low GDP rate.
  7. South Africa is a nuclear power state and has all the modern day technological facilities.
  8. Naturally beautiful, South Africa is a great tourist destination.
  9. State is good in agriculture and exports.

North Africa is towards the northern part of Africa. Sahara desert is the most prominent geographical feature of North Africa. There are 7 cities with lot of cultural and ethnic diversity. Each city has its own capital and Muslims, Jews and Christians form the large part of the population. North Africa is not that populated because most of the region is dry and is covered by deserts. The culture of North Africa has changed a lot with time. Arabic is the most widely used language here because it is inhibited my Arabs in large number.  Algeria covers big area in North Africa.

Some of the differences between South and North Africa are:

  • South Africa is cooler than North Africa in terms of climate.
  • South Africa is smaller than North Africa in terms of area.
  • The family bonds are stronger in South Africa than North Africa and this is a big cultural difference.
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