Special vs. Especial

Difference Between Special and Especial Special and ‘especial’ are two words which have very close meaning and most…

Difference Between Special and Especial

Special and ‘especial’ are two words which have very close meaning and most of us do not even realize the difference between them though it is very minute. The main difference in these two terms is in their usage.

Special is more commonly used adjective while ‘especial’ is lesser used while the adverbial form of ’special’ is specially which is uncommon and adverbial form of ‘especial’ is especially which is used commonly.’ special’ may be used when we talk about something distinct or when something is done in particular for a specific purpose. Especially is used while talking about something exceptional or noteworthy.

These words are used interchangeably by most of us but people who follow strict rules of grammar would use ’special’ in the cases where they are talking about a distinctive purpose or place for something and ‘especial’ would be used to show that something is exceptional or noteworthy.

You can consider an example to understand the difference. His overall performance has improved especially in the studies. This dress was designed specially according to his choice. So you can easily notice the difference here. The first sentence is telling about the exceptional performance in studies while in the second sentence we talked about something which was done distinctively for someone.

Most of the times the word ’special’ can be safely used when it is to be used as adjective and use of the word ‘especial’ is not required. In case f their adverbial forms there is a little difference in their usage. Especially is usually followed by a subject while specially is used to mark something distinctive. For example, Football is loved by all especially the young people. The next example is to show the usage of specially. These jackets are specially made for winters.

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