Sperm vs. Semen

Difference Between Sperm and Semen Many of s may not know the difference between sperm and semen because…

Difference Between Sperm and Semen

Many of s may not know the difference between sperm and semen because they are so closely related and associated with human reproduction. When a male reaches the climax during the sex he releases semen and this fluid contains sperms. If this ejaculation of the fluid happens before the climax then it is known as premature ejaculation. The penis goes into a refractory period of almost 30 minutes after the ejaculation and cannot be erected in this period.

Semen is the fluid which has fluids from the glands and sperms for testicles. Almost 2 ml of this fluid is released after every ejaculation. It is thick fluid which usually clots after it is ejaculated but it liquefies in about 30 minutes. Major part of the seminal fluid is secreted by seminal vesicles although prostate gland also secretes a considerable amount while the amount secreted by bulbo urethral glands is very little.

Semen, which is alkali, neutralizes the acidic female tract which is essential for the survival of the sperm. Semen can transmit all the diseases which are linked with the body fluids including HIV/AIDS.

Sperm is responsible for reproduction and is produced by testicular seminiferous tubules. Unlike other genes, sperm is haploid which means that it carried only one set of 23 chromosomes. Its body has head, neck and tail. It is the tail which helps t to move in the semen and the genital tract of the female when it is ejaculated. The head of the sperm has nucleus while the neck has the mitochondria, which is known as the power house of a cell.

Production of sperm and semen are controlled by hormones. Semen is rich in nutrients and the sperms feed on it.

It is a notable fact that sperms may be released before ejaculation as well while the ejaculated fluid may not have sperms in some males. This is a medical condition which needs to be treated.


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