Spiders vs. Insects

Difference Between Spiders and Insects While spiders are the members of the class Arachnida, insects are the members…

Difference Between Spiders and Insects

While spiders are the members of the class Arachnida, insects are the members of the class Insecta.

Let us have a look at the organization of these organisms. While the insects have six legs (three pairs), spiders have eight feet (four pairs). The body parts of insects and spiders are also different as spiders’ body is divided into two parts and the insects’ body has three parts. The body of insects have a head, chest and stomach while spiders’ body, have a combined head and chest. This combined head and chest is termed cephalothorax, however they still have an abdomen.

As far as the smaller body parts are concerned spiders and insects are different. Insects use their lower jaw to eat their food and the spiders use their chelicerae to eat. While insects have antennae, spiders have pedipalpi. There are different parts of the head of insects are a scape, a labrum, pedicel, a clypeus and frons. The head of a spider has none of these things. However as far as the limbs are concerned, spiders have many more parts than insects. Insects do not have metatarsus, a trochanter, coxa and patella. Their abdominal areas are also different. Insects possess a suture, a scutellum and and elytra while these things are not found in spiders. However spiders do possess spinnerets. Their eyes are also different. While spiders have a simple set of eyes, the eyes of insects are complex. While spiders have four pairs of eyes, insects have a single pair of eyes.

As far as the characters are concerned both insects and spiders are different. Spiders can spin a web from their spinnerets, whereas insects can not do so. However insects can fly while spiders can not. Their sense organs are also different as insects make use of their antennae and spiders have their cuticles.



  1. Insects and Spiders have different body parts.
  2. The insects and spiders are different as far as nomenclature is concerned.
  3. The feet of the insects and spiders are different.
  4. The abilities of insects and spiders are also different.






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