Spirulina Vs. Chlorella

Difference Between Spirulina and Chlorella The most common micro-algae foods in the market today are spirulina and chlorella.…

Difference Between Spirulina and Chlorella

The most common micro-algae foods in the market today are spirulina and chlorella. Their high chlorophyll content gives high levels of protein, beta-carotene, omega-3 fatty acids and nucleic acid which make them effective anti-oxidants with important immune-strengthening properties.

However, there is a difference between spirulina and chlorella and it is appropriate to have some personalization.


In general, spirulina is a nourishing and invigorating product which is useful to overcome the weakness and problems with nutrient absorption. Meanwhile, spirulina also cleanses the body by its high chlorophyll content.

People who have eaten too much animal products, sugar and melmat – typically those who are obese, have diabetes, hyperglycemia, cancer, arthritis or similar degenerative conditions often benefit from this form of clean and easy form of protein.

The daily eating 10-15 grams of this type of protein makes the body to normally meet and require less animal protein and sugar. In addition, spirulina is beneficial in severe liver damage from alcohol abuse, malnutrition, and prolonged drug abuse and drug use. Spirulina also protects the kidneys from the harmful effects that may arise from strong medications.

Betakaroteninnholdet is 10 times more concentrated in Spirulina than in carrots. Beta carotene is considered the most powerful anti-oxidant and anti-free radicals.

Spirulina has a slightly salty taste, is nutritious and has a detoxifying effect on the liver and kidneys. In addition, builds and renews spirulina blood, cleanses the blood vessels, increase the bacteria in the digestive system, and suppresses the growth of fungi, bacteria and fermentation. In Chinese medicine it is considered as cool.


This micro-algae has many of the same features as spirulina, but contains less protein, only small amounts of beta carotene, but more than twice the nucleic acid and chlorophyll. Chlorella is usually a good deal more expensive than spirulina, because the presentation is more comprehensive in order to make the tough outer cell walls more digestible.

Previously it was thought that these cell walls prevented the shooting, but it has since proved that they have great value. They bind heavy metals, pesticides and carcinogenic substances such as PCBs, and lead these toxins safely out of the body. Cell walls also contain substances that are found in bacteria, and that gives immunity and protects against mutation. An organism with strong outer walls might have properties that enhance our own cells against invading organisms and toxins.

Nucleic acid is important in cell regeneration, growth and repair of damaged cells. The presence of nucleic acid diminishes with age, and deficiency leads to premature aging and weakened immunity. Nucleic acid is also reduced by the lack of activity, stress, pollution and poor diet. To strengthen the cell structure is important for all aspects of health.

The use of Chlorella is similar to that of spirulina, but with some key differences. Chlorella is the most invigorating and cleanses the body in a most gentle way, and safest to use the deficiency and weakness.

The growth-promoting effects of Chlorella makes it particularly suitable for children, to preserve the health of the elderly, heal injuries and promote growth where it has been hampered by disease and degeneration, such as Alzheimer’s disease, sciatica, stroke, multiple sclerosis, anxiety and other disorders of the nervous system . Chlorella promotes normal growth in the body, and does not increase the growth of tumors.


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