Split Ac vs. Window Ac

Difference Between Split Ac and Window Ac Split AC and Window Ac are to options that you have…

Difference Between Split Ac and Window Ac

Split AC and Window Ac are to options that you have when you think about using an air conditioner for small rooms. Both have different look, price and utility.

Split AC is installed in two parts. The cooling unit remains inside the room while the exhaust remains outside the house or the building. As this exhaust is away from the cooling unit, the AC is made more powerful. It is a better choice for the places where there are no windows for installing window AC especially commercial spaces and offices. If the room where AC is to be installed is in the middle of a building then window AC may be a better option because in case of Spilt AC it will be difficult to connect it with its compressor. These cause low noise.

Window AC looks like a small cubical unit which is perfect for the rooms which have windows for installing AC. The window faces inside the room and cools the room while exhaust releases the heat outside the room.  It is easy to install but its cooling capacity is limited and hence is good only for small spaces. If you think you may relocate soon then window AC is a better choice.

Some of the main differences between the two are:

  • Split Ac is split in 2 parts while windows Ac is one unit with compressor and cooling unit put together.
  • Split AC has more cooling capacity than window AC.
  • Split AC does not create noise while window AC creates a little noise.
  • The process of installation of Split AC is a little complicated because the cooling unit needs to be connected to the exhaust through rubber tubes. Installation of window AC is much easier.
  • You need not have a window in the room for installing split AC while window AC can be installed only if there is window in the room.

Servicing and maintenance of Split Ac is costly while window AC is easier on pocket.

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