SS7 Signaling vs. SS8 Legal Interception

Difference Between SS7 Signaling and SS8 Legal Interception SS7 or Signaling system 7 is a set of signaling…

Difference Between SS7 Signaling and SS8 Legal Interception

SS7 or Signaling system 7 is a set of signaling protocols which defines call teardowns, call set ups, call control and passing network status. This is used in traditional PSTN network. Signaling monitors a call from beginning to end and generates call detail record. Signaling deals with call establishment, disconnection and negotiation. It is known as C7 or no. 7 signaling in European countries while in North America it is known as common Channel signaling system or CCSS7

SS8 is a brand name for very sophisticated communication interception and forensic system. This company helps the telecoms operators in the enforcement of the law. It also helps Police and state intelligence by facilitating real time call interception and circuit switching and packet switching networks. Apart from calls it can also keep a check on the SMS, emails, chats and net surfing.

SS8 is the leading company in this field which works to bridge the gap between Telecommunication companies and Intelligence Agencies all over the world.

Difference between SS7 and SS8 are summarized below:

  • SS7 is a signaling system which is used in PSTN network areas while SS8 is a company which provides communication interception and forensic system to the operators.
  • · SS7 deals with call set up, control and teardown and SS8 captures and monitors calls for different intelligence agencies without any media interruptions.

SS& is mandatory to operate for an operator while operation of SS8 depends on the law enforcement agencies.


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