Street vs. Avenue

Difference between Street and Avenue Roads, street, avenue. No, I am not considering thesaurus and looking for the…

Difference between Street and Avenue

Roads, street, avenue.

No, I am not considering thesaurus and looking for the synonyms of road. Actually, I am going to tell the difference between the street and avenue. Indeed, they both are related to road and kind of paths too. However, there are some subtle differences between these two as well in terms of their usage, size and purpose.

Street indicates small road with houses on each side whereas avenue denotes a commercial place with offices, shops, bank and other commercial buildings on side. Street is often the same road; you may imagine or see on a country side. It is small and has very homely appearance.

On streets, you may find people and not vehicles or traffic coming back and forth. The roads of residential societies where people live and have their houses are called street. No heavy traffic, no noise but just a narrow yet enough space to let people pass -through easily. If you are looking for the address of Mr Tom Clooney on a street, finding him would be relatively easy than trying to look for him on an avenue.

Avenue is a junction where several roads meet, and lost at the same time to form a bigger path. Because of its commercial importance, one may find heavy traffic on avenue. You may see vehicles coming from different streets conglomerating at avenue and then, forming a large ocean of vehicles.

The width of a street and an avenue also differ. The avenue is four times wider than a street. Seeing its function as a junction, the traffic on an avenue may come from several roads. The tree lined country house or some building in Britain also symbolizes avenue. An avenue is always flooded with vehicles to pass through whereas streets are used by people as a thoroughfare.


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