Stretching vs. Yoga

Difference Between Stretching and Yoga People often begin to ask about the best stretching exercises in yoga, stretching…

Difference Between Stretching and Yoga

People often begin to ask about the best stretching exercises in yoga, stretching and yoga exercises are completely different. Stretching is stretching the muscles to their maximum length in order to tone them. Person feels flexible and able to control a variety of body movements.

Yoga originated with the principles of meditation in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. It is not related to stretching and it is more of a Western concept. In India, yoga is associated with Hatha Yoga and other forms of exercise, it is derived from “yuj, which translates as” the root of the word union, “union” or “average”. Stretching is related to the skeletal muscles that are very simple.

Stretching is the most basic exercises performed by humans and animals both.

Only humans can perform yoga because it needs to control the flow of oxygen.

Stretching helps athletes to improve performance or reduce pain due to injury. This practice is questioned by people who often feel that instead of benefit, can be harmful.

History of yoga dates back to the Indus civilization (3300 – 1700 BC). Some of these stamps were discovered by digging, showed figures that were depicted as a meditation pose. This practice later developed, and has references to Brahman (India theological text) dating from 900 BC “500). No history is associated with stretching and strength developed in modern times.

Muslims are forbidden to practice yoga by some of Islamic bodies as it is considered that spiritual teachings of Hindu Yoga without the chanting of religious mantras are allowed. It can be seen as stretching exercises that are accepted around the world without any bias

Summary ..:

1 Yoga is a historical context.

2 Stretching exercises are very normal that can be performed by human or animals, while yoga can be done by humans only.



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