Success vs. Failure

Difference between Success and Failure No marks to guess that success and failure are actually two different words…

Difference between Success and Failure

No marks to guess that success and failure are actually two different words and two poles’ apart when come to realize the difference. When a person achieves his goal and do what he wanted to do, is termed as success in English language whereas failure is the stark opposite of success. When a person is not able to materialize his ideas, ambitions, goals or whatsoever in real, is christened failure.  Success brings happiness and long list of admirers and fans while failure is only about sorrow. No hard work, lack of determination and timely insights cause failure. Success is nothing but hard work and a dedicated focus on one’s goal until one gets the desired results.

If you search through the quotations citing failure, legends of their times have mentioned failure as stepping stones. They advise people to not to take failure to the heart and keep sulking over it instead, they want people to learn from their mistakes and achieve success.

One such a legend terms success as a mistress because it keeps one active and charged. It makes one confident. Success and honor are interrelated terms. When one is successful, honor would come naturally. On the other side, failures and insult go hand in hand.

It is to be noted that success and failures are natural. You are active and into karma, no matter, how hard you work or not, you cannot decide failure or success of your karmas.  Both of these are the sides of one coin and a man of resolute won’t take either of these to heart and mind. He will be level-headed and grounded in both of situations. He would neither let success rule his mind and euphoria replace the common sense nor let failure cover his ambitions and goal in gloom.

Remember like any other attribute of life, neither of the two is permanent. These are transient. Like success, failure would have its way out of one’s life.


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