Sudan vs. Southern Sudan

Difference between Sudan and Southern Sudan Sudan and Southern Sudan, both are parts of African continent. African continents…

Difference between Sudan and Southern Sudan

Sudan and Southern Sudan, both are parts of African continent. African continents are popular for their wildlife however; Sudan and Southern Sudan share a bone of contention too. To outside world, the dilemma of whether they are one country or independent arises.  In reality, both are an integral part of African continent. Sudan is located at northeast of the continent and is the largest country in Africa. Sudan had to go for 2 civil wars, first in 1955 to 1972.  The second war happened in 1983. As a result, the Sudanese government made a pact with rebel for an independent political system and referendum. Similarly, South Sudanese fought their way with government of Sudan for an independent country. In 2005, both rebel and government had their ways to different constitution and independence referendum. However, a formal announcement has yet to be made this year, in 2011.

Carrying out rebel and government surrendering to them is not new in political history. Till date, there have been several cases to that effect. North and South Korea conflict may be one of the earliest examples. Sudan had several internal conflicts and as a result, there was communal and internal troubles needed to be addressed on an urgent basis. In a beneficial decision for both of the sides, the government of Sudan decided to let the rebels of Sudan have their way and form a different entity.

Sudan has been entitled as an independent country from long and is a member of United Nations from 1956. However, Southern Sudan has yet to be announced as an independent country and still has not entitled the membership of UN. The people of Sudan had internal conflicts and tiffs with the people of Southern Sudan and rebelled against them leading the wars between the two parts of continents. Most of Southern Sudanese are Christians whereas Sudanese are not.

Now, when Sudan is already an independent country and Southern Sudan is in the process of being deemed as one, it might help the governments ensure the well being and prosperity of their respective citizens.


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