Sugar Vs. Sugar In Potatoes

Difference Between Sugar And Sugar in Potatoes When we look well on GI(Glycemic Load) value for sucrose. It…

Difference Between Sugar And Sugar in Potatoes

When we look well on GI(Glycemic Load) value for sucrose. It is located under the international GI and GL-table from 2002 to between 58 and 65 with glucose as standard (50 grams). For potatoes, the value of between 70 and 56, depending on variety and cooking time.

From one portion of potatoes weighing 150 grams, we get under the table about 25 grams of carbohydrates, which would give a GL of between 14 and 18.
For the sucrose has been chosen to take an average of one serving of 10 grams of sucrose and had a GL of 7 for it. It is probably not entirely correct to simply multiply the values ​​anyway, but if we do it anyway, so would 25 grams of sucrose to give a GL of 2.5 * 7 = 17.5.

It is worth bringing to the discussion for those who find it offensive that the potatoes in some cases would give the same glycemic load as sugar, that many parameters affect the GI and GL. Usually we do not eat boiled potatoes as it is, but add some protein and fat rich foods such as meat and sauce. It lowers the GI value and thus GL. Unfortunately we have no good model to estimate the GI and GL values ​​from full meals, but must content ourselves with theoretical arguments.

Many of us are accustomed to eat sugar as it is in the form of candy, soft drinks and the like. That would mean that blood pressure is higher by eating 25 grams of sucrose in the form of candy than to eat 150 grams of potatoes. In addition, many are not content with such a relatively small portion of candy – often slipping in both the double and triple down, this is my guess.

Also I mean that we need to consider food with attention to factors other than just their GI and GL values. Other nutrition and satiety are two such things that are worth a consideration, especially if we imagine that we drink up the 25 grammes of sugar in the form of sweetened beverages, which has not saturated significantly. We can not discuss the potatoes to be or not be in the diet of the individual unless we first take into account how much sugar he eats. I would not primarily recommend someone to remove the potatoes to lose weight.

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