Suicide vs. Euthanasia

Difference Between Suicide and Euthanasia The two English words Suicide and Euthanasia have sharp differences as far as…

Difference Between Suicide and Euthanasia

The two English words Suicide and Euthanasia have sharp differences as far as their significance and nuance is concerned. Suicide means the willful destruction of oneself. However Euthanasia indicates mercy killing which is done due to medical reasons.

In Euthanasia there is a person who in an act of mercy kills a terminally sick or ailing person so that the suffering of the person meets an end. However this is not the case in case of suicide where is a single person who is so bugged up with the problems in life that he/ she decides to put an end to his/ her own misery by killing himself

There are difference in opinion of people about suicide and euthanasia. The ancient philosophers of Greece used to support euthanasia but they did never support suicide. There are a lot of people who feel that the people who resort to suicide are cowards but there is something noble about euthanasia as it invokes a sense of mercy.

As far as the legal aspects are concerned euthanasia is a legal act in quite some countries. A person who agrees and deals with euthanasia is much-admired for his deeds. When a person of his/ her own free will, is ready to be helped to die then the act is called voluntary euthanasia. However through out the whole world there is no single country where suicide is not made illegal. Any body who tries to commit suicide is stringently liable to be punished by the law.

Suicide happens quite suddenly without any previous symptoms as people lose their reason and inspiration to live. However euthanasia is deliberate act which is done after thinking for a long time It is a philosophical act in which the concerned people take a long time before taking any decisions. On the other hand there is no room for consideration in the case of suicide. People who resort to suicide do so without paying attention or thought to other things. While euthanasia is universally related to both human beings and animals, suicide is not a characteristic of animals.


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