Suit vs. Tuxedo

The difference between a Suit and a Tuxedo Dressing up has never been a man’s realm but surely…

The difference between a Suit and a Tuxedo

Dressing up has never been a man’s realm but surely they need to keep the bare basic knowledge of the whatsoever limited choices they have and the right time to wear them. For instance, suit and Tuxedo are both the apparel of men, to be worn on formal occasion but of different types.

A suit which has three garment pieces is part of Western culture where all the garments have same fabric. It reflects the aura of authority to one who is wearing it. Be it wedding, a meeting with clients or a romantic date, men who know how to carry it, do look charming and handsome.

A tuxedo is a dinner jacket. Black in color, it is also known as black tie.  The tuxedo has a stroke of silk in its fabric which gives it a swanky look. No wonder, you see most of celebrities wearing a tuxedo with a bow tie on premieres or in award functions. Both- tux and suit look good with leather shoes but you can choose to wear a pair of slip-on shoes with suit.

So, the difference depends on the fact where you have to go.  It is not like that you cannot wear a tuxedo in a business meeting but the fact is it would not look sensible. Both the apparels- suit and tuxedo are meant for formal occasions but tuxedo is strictly meant for formal occasions. No, even if you want to give a reference to Jackie Chan’s movie- The Tuxedo.   It is a stereotype and walking out one the basic parameters of dressing sense, would only make you seem like a fool. Thus, wear a suit every day if you are attending formal meetings in daytime or have strict official code, it will make you look a little authoritative and dignified. Save your tux for the big day.


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