Sun vs. Moon

Difference Between Sun and Moon The sun and moon are part of our solar system. There are some…

Difference Between Sun and Moon

The sun and moon are part of our solar system. There are some differences between them although they belong to the solar system. The Sun is a star and it emits heat and light of its own.

The Sun is in the center of the solar system with nine planets moving around it. The light given by the Sun is responsible for the lives on Earth. It is believed that half the world always faces the sun and that part has day at that time while the other half is in the shadow of the earth and it is night for them.

The planets and the moon do not distribute their own light. They can be seen because they reflect sunlight. On the other hand the Moon orbits the Earth. It is a satellite of the Earth. The moon is actually a natural satellite of the earth. The orbit of the moon around the earth is not a perfect circle and is wobbly but has regularity.

As the moon moves around the Earth, we see different parts of the lighted surface of the Moon. Therefore the shape of the moon seems to change. Since the moon takes about one month to move around the Earth, these changes in the shape of the moon each month and show different phases of the moon.

The shape of the moon seems to change from night to night while the shape of the sun does not seem to change daily. This is a significant difference between the sun and the moon. The moon is a satellite that is different from the artificial satellite. It does not collect information in contrast to the artificial satellite. Now the moon is not an artificial but a natural satellite of the earth.


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