Sunblock vs. Sunscreen

The difference between sunblock and sunscreen Bright and sunny spring, hot and humid summer, got the difference? Probably…

The difference between sunblock and sunscreen

Bright and sunny spring, hot and humid summer, got the difference? Probably like this, even the sunblock and sunscreen products, you could found under the Sun have sea difference between them. Marketers neither care enough to tell nor are the consumers informed enough to use the products as per their requirement.

Many of us use sun protecting cosmetics to shield ourselves from the harmful rays of Sun. The exposed skin otherwise can have sunburns, excessive tanning and even skin cancer. So, it’s for the wellbeing of general users that they should know the difference between the two entirely different products. Both sunblock and sunscreen is applied specially during summer. However, if you are constantly working in the field or open, or exposed to Sun rays for the long time of the day, you should go for sunblock. Sunblock effectively blocks the UV rays and does not let them penetrate into skin. For salesmen, divers, athlete and boaters, it’s an ideal product to use. Sunblock products are water-resistant and do not wash off easily. It is retained on the skin for long time and unlike sunscreen, one does not need them to apply again and again.

On the contrary, if you just want to get protection from the UV rays but would like to tan a bit, sunscreen products are for you. These should be applied again as when applied, these form a screen or film on the skin which simply screen the rays and let them pass through. These are not a foolproof protection against Sun rays. The Sun Protection Factor or SPF is the factor that can tell you how effective a sunscreen product is in filtering the Sun rays.

Sunblock are generally denser and stickier than the sunscreen. Sunblocks have Zinc Oxide which makes the chemical properties of the product thicker and more powerful.  If you have observed, sunscreen products are liquids and most of people tend to go for sunscreen, given these are cheaper and due to their liquid property, they cover up the whole body in smaller amount.


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