Symbian 3 vs Android 2.2 (Froyo)

The difference between Symbian 3 and Android 2.2 Symbian 3 and Android 2.2 (Froyo) are the latest craze…

The difference between Symbian 3 and Android 2.2

Symbian 3 and Android 2.2 (Froyo) are the latest craze of the mobile developers. Those, who do not know the A, B or C about them, this article can help them to understand the nuances and differences between these operating systems. If you are among the ones, who could not care less, it is advised that you should read on. This information might play a critical role in your search of finding a new mobile phone because chances are, the next I-must-have-this-thing-for- me phone types will be based on these two platforms.

To start with, Symbian is an Operating System for mobile phones and developed by Nokia as an open source platform. Most of the Nokia phones are based on this OS and the latest version of this named Symbian 3. As it is an open source project, the OS has undergone many changes from networking and graphic architectural renewal since its inception. This has increased the adaptability and usability of the OS. The UI or user interface functions smoother and is faster. The radio and gaming experience is much more enjoyable now. Platform-wide behavior enables faster connection to a web browser.  For the users- Symbian 3 is a better, faster and pleasant change. The new graphic architecture enables transitions and effects to be added to UI. Data networking has also developed to the fact that all the network applications can be handled well. Symbian 3, along with the Home screen is now supported by multiple widget instances. Symbian 3 features ‘single tap’ method which means at just- one- go, the user can navigate the interface.

Like Symbian 3, Android is also an OS developed by Google. With the launch of Android 2.2 or Froyo, the Android 2.1 or Éclair has become a sort of archaic. In this version, one can find/access five home screens and dedicated browser shortcuts, application launchers and phone are available on all the Home panels. If you are new to the phone, you can find ‘tips widget’ to do informed decisions while choosing widgets and shortcuts to configure in Home screen. Auto-complete, a feature adds email application to global addresses.  Zooming tool is modified and enhanced. So, while you can find many options for Android 2.2, only N8 is the phone from Nokia that supports the Symbian 3. When it comes to applications, Symbian 3 is less developed.


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