Symbian 3 vs. Android 2.2 Gingerbread

Difference Between Symbian 3 and Android 2.2 Gingerbread Both of these are operating systems for mobile phones and…

Difference Between Symbian 3 and Android 2.2 Gingerbread

Both of these are operating systems for mobile phones and handheld devices. Nokia formed a open source platform called Symbian which is majorly used in Nokia phones. Google developed Android which is also an open source platform. Symbian 3 and Android 2.2 are amongst the newly launched operating systems.

Symbian 3

The Symbian mobile platform has launched its latest version known as Symbian 3. Much advancement took place like revitalization of architecture in networking and graphics, progress in handiness of operating system, user interface is speeded up than the earlier versions, we browser is easy to connect and radio as well as gaming are way better. There has been a transformation in the whole operating system to a better and simpler one.

Users have to just tap once to the touch interface with the help of ‘single tap’ method. Navigation as well as connecting to the internet is a lot simpler in this version. The new graphics architecture that is useful in liberating quick in response user interface, utilizes the hardware acceleration completely. Just so that various network aware applications can be managed in a simpler way, modifications have been made in the data networking architecture. The home screen in this version has been enhanced and hence one can use numerous pages of widgets on the home screen and navigation between them can be achieved easily. The home screen of Symbian 3 supports numerous widgets instances.

Android 2.2 (Frovo)

The next version after Android 2.1 or Éclair is the Android 2.2 upgraded by Google with the addition of manifold features.  With the help of a new tip widget users can manage their home screens effectively with widgets and shortcuts. Shortcuts for Browser, App launcher and Phone are imparted on the home screen and all users can open them from any 5 home screens. The OS has the feature of alpha-numeric or numeric pin password protection for the purpose of unlocking the device and this enhances the security. With the help of remote wipe, one can reset the device by Exchange administrators.

The Auto discovery allows easy setup and sync of exchange account. In the email a feature known as auto-complete exists that helps in searching global address lists. With the help of the zoom gesture, users cam see pictures in the gallery that has been enhanced for this purpose.


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