Syndrome vs. Disease

Difference Between Syndrome and Disease Many people confuse the concepts of disease and the syndrome when they go…

Difference Between Syndrome and Disease

Many people confuse the concepts of disease and the syndrome when they go to a doctor. They are two different terms? If yes, what are the differences between the two words

The fundamental difference is related to the symptoms they produce. Illness can be defined as a medical condition that has a clear reason behind it.

Syndrome produces many symptoms without a distinctive cause. There may be a possibility of disease or a developing disease.

For example: Metabolic syndrome can not be taken as disease. This may indicate an underlying disease such as type 2 diabetes or heart disease.

Polycystic syndrome is not also a disease. It is a signal to other factors of a malfunction in the body, for example, a hormonal disorder or obesity.

The syndrome refers to a group of symptoms, while disease refers to a set of conditions.

Symptoms that occur as a rule are not consistent, and certainly not due to be traced to a single cause.

Identification behind syndromes do not specify yet. This is the kind of medical mystery. The cause of the disease can be identified easily.

Some diseases can cause a specific syndrome, so be careful about the doctor’s diagnosis. Despite all the syndromes are not signs of a disease, such as mental illness can manifest as syndromes.

The reason behind most of the syndromes could not be found, but they are handled in a certain way. Temporary medications prescribed by your doctor check your symptoms. For example, the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome is not clear.

Doctor can treat the symptoms of assuming that they are caused by certain factors. You can be treated the same way. This does not happen in the case of the disease. There is a specific diagnostic procedure and treatment under each condition

Summary :.

1 Established cause is not identified in the symptom, but there is a well identified cause behind a disease.

2. The treatment of syndrome is based on symptoms while underlying cause is treated in case of disease.

3 Disease leads to changes in anatomy, syndrome, can produce such changes.


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