Syrup vs. Tonic water

Difference Between Syrup and Tonic water The syrup and tonic are two words that are commonly used all…

Difference Between Syrup and Tonic water

The syrup and tonic are two words that are commonly used all over the world for the purpose of describing different types of medications. In general, these words are used in the field of medicine to refer to the medications that are useful for health and their constituents are dissolved in water. We come across a lot of tonic water useful for health, water tonic vitality in preventing various health problems. Syrups are prescribed by the health care providers to be used to relieve many symptoms associated with different types of diseases. Especially syrups are commonly used to treat cough. Let us explore the differences between the tonic water and syrups.


The syrup is not however restricted only to the world of medicine and used in the kitchen, the word is commonly used to refer to a liquid which is thick and viscous and has a very high concentration of sugar which is dissolved in a way that it fails to fill and deposit at bottom. Syrups can be formed by reducing natural juices made of candy off Product as cane juice or the juice of sorghum or using sticky solution by addition of large quantities of sugar. For the small babies, the medications are many a time added with grain or other sweet syrup to make it enjoyable for the child.

Tonic water

The tonic water is a term that is commonly used to refer alternative medicines that are used for vigor, vitality and health and vigor. This may be a treatment for health problems and confection made with herbs, but generally it is in a liquid form that is consumed by millions around the world for health, energy and vitality. Whenever people come to the doctor with the complains of weaknesses, the doctors usually prescribe these waters tonic along with the regular medications. In the homeopathic system of medicines and also in some Asian cultures, especially Chinese, tonic waters are very popular and prescribed to patients when the complaint against the health problems.


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