T-Mobile G-Slate vs. Dell Streak 7

Difference Between T-Mobile G-Slate and Dell Streak 7 T mobile has two unique tablets Dell Streak 7 and…

Difference Between T-Mobile G-Slate and Dell Streak 7

T mobile has two unique tablets Dell Streak 7 and G-Slate. These tablets become part of the T mobile family in February and April of 2011. Both of these tablets   are Androids with the G-Slate tablet using a special operating system and the Dell streak 7 uses a platform similar to that of a mobile phone device. The differences of each tablet cannot only be seen in their size but also in their functionality. The G-Slate has a display screen of 8.9 inches and Dell Streak display is set to 7 inches. Another difference between the two tablets is the battery life. The Dell Streak 7 has a continuous battery life of only 4 hours, where the G-Slate has a battery life of 9.2 hours.

However, the major difference is in the price. The Dell Streak 7 is much cheaper than the G-Slate. The Dell costs an average of $200; this is with a two-year contract. The G-Slate will cost about $400 with the same contract. However, for a prepaid plan and $450 the user gets unlimited data storage. The Dell Streak 7 supports T-mobile fast HSPA network.

T-Mobile G-Slate

The G-Slate has a single glass face with a rubbery plastic body. It has a screen resolution of 1280 by 786 and a ratio of 15:9. The G-Slate has a dual port connection, a micro USB and a HDMI port; it also has 3D video recording capabilities, dual cameras and a LED flash. It has 1GB Ram and a 32GB internal memory. The G-Slate has full access to Google application and the Android Market, which is because it is a Google brand product. It also supports the 10.2 version of Adobe Flash Player, but it is not preinstalled into the system; however, it is available for download.

Dell Streak 7

The Dell Streak 7 comes with full multi task features for the busy individual. It fully supports Skype, video calling, and video chatting. It has a megapixel camera and is upgradeable through the internet. It has a QWERTY keyboard for texting, and it supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology.


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