T-Mobile G-Slate vs. IPad 2

Difference Between T-Mobile G-Slate and IPad 2 T-Mobile is constantly upgrading, and adding new devices to their long…

Difference Between T-Mobile G-Slate and IPad 2

T-Mobile is constantly upgrading, and adding new devices to their long line of products. Their newest addition is the T-Mobile G-Slate it is as competitive in features and performance as the IPad2. The G-Slate is T-Mobile second 4G tablet to join ranks with the other high performing tablets on the market such as the Dell Streak 7. The IPad2 is an international best seller and has been ever since it hit the market in March 2011. This device is available from leading manufacturers like Verizon and AT&T; however Wi-Fi versions are available online internationally from a variety of carriers.

The IPad2 has many more features than the previous version of IPad. It is lighter in weight and has a faster performance time. It has dual cameras and HDMI connection supports as well as HD TV capabilities. The G-Slate has a display screen size of 8.9 inches, which is smaller than the IPad2, which as a viewing size of 9.2. The IPad2 uses an IOS 4.3.2 and the T-Slate uses the Android version 3.0. The G-Slate has video recording capabilities in 3D and one pair of 3D glasses is included with each purchase.

The T-Mobile G-Slate

The G-Slate is compatible with Google apps and it has Wi-Fi connection support. It has up to 3 download speeds and 2 upload speed. The tablet is available online or in person at participating T-Mobile stores. To add more data storage it costs a few dollars more and this includes web-based applications as well.

The Apple IPad2

Apple is the leading pioneers in technology when it comes to IPads.  However, the IPad2 gives better performance, has better features, and has a higher speed processor, and it contains more applications. The IPad2 is also more compact, shows better graphics, and has a built in light. It also has a battery life of 10 hours. It has dual cameras, video conferencing and video recording capabilities.



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