Tafe vs. University

Difference Between Tafe and University While TAFE and University both are terms that stand for institutes for higher…

Difference Between Tafe and University

While TAFE and University both are terms that stand for institutes for higher studies. T.A.F.E- which is the short form of technical and further education is quite a popular concept in the US and Australian cities. I fact every alternate day there is a new institute of that category that is opening up. No body needs to be told what does a University stands for and the quality of a university degree. But there are a lot of confusions between the students and parents in the current scenario as to the choice between a university degree and the vocational education that is offered by TAFE.

The positive aspect of the courses that are offered by a TAFE is that the students can get all the practical expertise that are necessary for similar working environment. It does not matter which TAFE the student attend, because all these courses have been chalked out keeping n mind the national working standard and they strive so that the students the desired level of skills. A TAFE is all about providing the practical knowledge and they do not stress upon the academic knowledge that much. This has a positive result as the employers who will interview a candidate passed out from a TAFE will know for sure that that particular candidate has the capacity to handle the work. This advantage is not there when you are studying in a university. It is the main reason behind the success story of the TAFE as the students feel that their job will be got far easily if they study in a TAFE rather than in a University. The courses that are provided by TAFE are mostly certificate and diploma however there are TAFE where students can pursue advanced diplomas and even Bachelor’s degrees. Also in case the students think that a university education is necessary after the completion of diploma from a TAFE, he can easily get credit points for his diploma that he completed from the TAFE.

The study model in a TAFE is much more practical than that of a University. Apart from that classes are smaller and it has a school like atmosphere. However studying in a TAFE will give you a qualification that is quite lower than the university degree where academics get top priority than the practical aspects. TAFE is good enough to land you to a entry level job but you should look for a University degree if you want to go farther in your career.


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