Talent Finder vs. Business Plus

The difference between Talent Finder and Business Plus Talent Finder and Business Plus, both are prominent features of…

The difference between Talent Finder and Business Plus

Talent Finder and Business Plus, both are prominent features of a famous professional portal named as LinkedIn. The portal is a platform for many SMEs and millions of individual persons to network and share their views. There are debates, discussions and forums. As expected, most of individuals are in their natural personas and share their opinion on the website without being calculative, analytical and without the fear of being judged. No wonder, that for companies, LinkedIn has emerged as one of the popular place to find best of human assets.

Enrolment with the site is free. However, there are different subscription plans which help employers and HR departments of companies to find right talent for their organizations. Talent Finder and Business Plus are two such plans which provide companies with extra features and privileges which a basic account holder cannot utilize for his benefit.

On LinkedIn there are different accounts such as Free, Business, Business Plus, Executive, Pro, Talent Basic, Talent Finder, Talent Pro and Recruiter.  As a recruiter, even with a free account, you can browse through all the profiles but are not able to connect with the right talent as there are no search filters or screening to match the keywords you have entered in the search tab. Hence, two account upgrades- Talent Finder and Business Plus come for the rescue of companies and recruiters. When a company upgrades to these accounts, they increase their level and get a competitive edge over other recruiters looking for the appropriate talent from the vast human pool of LinkedIn.

The two plans though help organizations to acquire the right talent as per the requirement, yet differ in features and prices. For instance, if a company searches for a designer, they would get the same results but with premium accounts, it could get more apt and to-the-point results along with the contact information. The account of Business Plus amounts to $49.99 monthly and have features of 10 InMails on a monthly basis along with per search result of 500 profiles and 25 folders in the segment of the Profile Organizer.


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