Tango vs. Skype

The difference between Tango & Skype Tango is a VoIP calling application. If you install it on your…

The difference between Tango & Skype

Tango is a VoIP calling application. If you install it on your mobile, you can make free calls to the users who have installed the same applications on their phones. The latest version of iPhone and Android can use and download Tango from the application store. The registration process is quick and sweet. You just need to enter username, and that’s it. The official website states the registration time of just 5 second. It is a multimedia application that corroborate with the address book of your phone and shows a tag of Tango if the users are listed with the same application. The application runs over your Internet connection. So, if you are using 3G or WiFi for Internet connectivity, the calls made over Tango will use your data plan.

The most wonderful fact about using Tango is that phone book of your phone is synchronized with the application once you use your mobile phone number to register but the area of concern is the privacy. The camera and screen swapping is enabled in Tango.

Skype, yet again is a VoIP application with which users can make video or voice calls. For Skype to Skype users, video and voice calls are totally free but outgoing calls to a non-Skype user, known as Skype Out, would be charged on per minute basis and connection fee. SMS, chatting, file sharing, conference calls; call forwarding and calls to local phone numbers can be done by using Skype software-Skype In.  The service of Skype is available in 24 countries only till date. The software can be installed on computers and mobiles regardless of the make and the same password and username combination can be used on the devices to make calls. Unlike Tango, Skype doesn’t support the synchronization between phone book with the application. Skype runs on the software CODEC and uses Internet to connect. Skype has been there in the market for long time and is a reputed name whereas Tango is relatively a new player in the VoIP market. However, quality of both applications is good and never been a problem for their users.

Tango only supports 3G and WiFi enabled iPhones and Android. As per website, phone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch, Galaxy S and EVO 4G are some of the phone models supported by the application. It also doesn’t support chatting, IM or SMS and the company is not clear on revenue model. There is a possibility that once the market of Tango is on a high wave, they stop giving away the free calls or start charging.

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