TATA Sky vs. SUN Direct

The difference between Tata Sky and Sun Direct Direct to home TV service has become a lifeline in…

The difference between Tata Sky and Sun Direct

Direct to home TV service has become a lifeline in India. People have shunned cable operators for good and opted for DTH services. DTH services allow them to watch innumerable channels in high definition and the way they want it. If they do not want to watch news channel, they wouldn’t simply subscribe to it. Tata Sky and Sun Direct are two major players of Indian DTH services. As any competitor, they differ in terms of the packages and features.

Star Networks and TATA Group joined hands to form TATA Sky wherein TATA owns the major-almost 80 % of the stake.  The rest 20% of the share is owned by Star. The DTH services of TATA Sky have done incredibly well and within five years of operations, it has millions of subscribers. TATA sky offers 200 channels including some HD and interactive channels. These channels have become the USP of the brand.  In 2010, TATA let its viewers choose the channel they want. This offering reinstated the brand image of TATA Sky further into the minds of target audiences.  It is to be noted that among total 30 millions of DTH subscribers, TATA alone boasts of 7 million customers.

SUN Direct is the newbie to enter the market of DTH. Though, in the short span of time, it has emerged as one of the most popular DTH services. It has established credibility among middle class Indian homes, given its cost effective nature and attractive features. The broadcasting of Cricket World Cup without a single advertisement made the foothold of SUN Direct even stronger in the cricket frenzied nation. SUN offered its services a just Rs 499 which makes the services more adaptable to cost-sensitive Indian markets.  With a subscriber base of 6 millions, it’s cheaper than most of DTH service providers including TATA.


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