Tea vs. Coffee

Difference between Tea and Coffee For some tea and coffee are lifeline beverages. Majority of people start their…

Difference between Tea and Coffee

For some tea and coffee are lifeline beverages. Majority of people start their routine with the daily ritual of taking either coffee or tea. Also, for some, tea is just so revitalizing and kicking whereas some prefer to stick with coffee only. Both of them, apart from water, are the most popular beverages worldwide.  Their taste, effects on health, making differ a lot and this article is a detailed version of differences between these two.

Tea is made from Camellia Sinensis. The leaves and buds of this bush are boiled in water to make tea. Milk is also added, as per taste. Mainly, green tea and black tea are commonly used by people across the world. The only difference between these two types of tea is fermentation where leaves for black tea are fermented, and for green tea, leaves are not fermented. The health benefits of tea is said to be innumerable. It is beneficial in heart ailments, arthritis and inflammatory disease.

Coffee, on other hand, originated in Africa and is made from the coffee plant’s roasted beans. It has caffeine which contributes to its refreshing and invigorating effects. Unlike tea, there are many varieties of coffee available in market, Espresso, Brewed, Instant, Decaf Brewed, Plunger and filter.  Caffeine helps people to stay awake for long hours as its stimulating. Some prefer to take black coffee but some like to have with lots of sugar and milk. Researchers have established that due to its property of enhancing the dopamine in blood, it is very useful for patients of Parkinson’s disease. It is very effective in asthmatic condition, as it relaxes the airways in lungs.

As far as differences between these two beverages are concerned, these have different flavor, taste and preparations. Coming from ever green plants, tea is made or extracted from a plant but coffee comes from beans of the plant. Though, these plants grow up as tall trees but due to their economical importance, these are trimmed often. Coffee is good and beneficial in number of said disease whereas tea is considered beneficial in cancer, and heart disease. It also reduces blood clotting and cholesterol.  The origin of coffee is Africa whereas the growth of tea is seen in tropical and sub tropical climates.


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