Teachers vs. Masters

Difference between Teachers and Masters Most of us are confused about the words- teachers and masters. These two…

Difference between Teachers and Masters

Most of us are confused about the words- teachers and masters. These two though, provide knowledge to their disciple, yet differ in their roles and nature. A teacher teaches a subject whereas a master has gained expertise in a particular subject. Masters are particularly from fine arts, martial arts, performing arts such as music, dance and sports. They need not teach the subject. A teacher in order to gain prowess in his field need to be the master but a master can be a teacher or not. Teaching his followers or disciples is solely based on his discretion.  A master believes in sharing knowledge he has gained and is consulted by many disciples or teachers for a better understanding of the subject.

In sports, they also consider and term exceptionally good players as masters. For instance, you may have heard of Indian cricket player Sachin Tendulkar known as Little Master. Chess is one of such games where master title is recognized as one of the biggest achievement. A master is undoubtedly an expert in his branch of knowledge whilst a teacher teaches in a school or college about what he has learnt in his stream.

A master exhibits his knowledge with writings, lectures or performances and unlike teacher, does not necessarily with the pure purpose of imparting knowledge. For example, a musician may write a book about his learning and may not teach others about his field. Similarly, a sportsperson exhibits his skills in the ground and called master because of his performances. A teacher however may teach music and arts but need not to be a good performer. So, no wonder that you may have observed that when it comes to music and dance, we could find the teachers who teach but do not perform and there are performers who perform but do not teach.


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