Techno vs. House

Difference between House and Techno Does this two terms sound so unique to you? Then it means that…

Difference between House and Techno

Does this two terms sound so unique to you? Then it means that you are not familiar with the modern clubs. They form the basic form of music entertainment. They form very good background for dancing and are also played usually by Deejays’ disc jockeys. Well this may not be familiar to you for now but, bear me witness that these type of music is very much common in the modern world, where dancing form the base of everything ranging from weddings to night out bashes.


It is clearly that the origin of this kind of music is directly associated to the state of Illinois in the United states back in the year 1980s. You can distinguish this type of music by its copied percussion for the bass drum and the disco music that it encompasses. This music has very nice vocals. Basically this music can be differentiated from the various EDMs by using the kick drum per beat that is produced by the drum machine.


The origin of this the Techno music is believed to be from Michigan. Techno is brought out clearly by the post-disco and electro music in it. This kind of music employs instruments such as synthesizers, sequencers, keyboards and drum machines.  These are the one that are used in the Techno industry. In the current world, most disco and night club environment is saturated by this kind of music, although its fame started growing in the end of 1980s.

Distinction between House and Techno

The idea of somebody differentiating these two types of music is real very hard. The type of music that is played in most night clubs cannot be differentiated by most people to be either Techno or House. Well if you look keenly the two types of music originated from different locations, Techno is believed to have originated from Illinois while the House is taken to have come from Michigan. Both the music share some bit of instruments like the drum synthesizer and the sequencer but techno goes a step further and uses a keyboard. The idea of house is associated with the post disco music whereas in most cases the techno is mostly associated with the post disco music.

That even though these two types of music differ in some extent by their country of origin in the US, the issue of differentiating them while being played is minimal by many night club fanatics. They dance to whatever that is played, and the essence is that both are dance music.

In a Nut Shell

  • They both belong to the electronic dance music type.
  • The origin of House is Illinois whereas Techno is associated with Michigan
  • These two genres share the same instruments but its only Techno that use keyboards that is not employed by House


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