Teenagers vs. Adults

Difference between Teenagers and Adults Teenagers and Adults, these are two terms or phase of human life that…

Difference between Teenagers and Adults

Teenagers and Adults, these are two terms or phase of human life that never seem to agree with each other. A teenager is a person or phase of the life between the age of 13 and 18 years. After the completion of 18 years, the person enters into the adult phase of his life. Generally, it is observed that the lives of teenagers are ruled by fantasies whereas adulthood is the phase of life where human are more practical, mature and have understood the realities of life.

A teenager falls in love often. Though, it is more of infatuation rather than the thought of spending life. An adult however knows the thin line between infatuation and love. He can pull it off as well and make his mind pull off.  For any teenager, outer appearance and sensuality matters in his partner whereas an adult is expected to think beyond that.  Teenagers never fall victim to perversion. You may haven’t heard of any teenager who is perverse whereas adults, basically male, are termed as pervert as often.

Often adults find that teenagers are difficult to guide or control. They often complain that the minds of teenagers keep changing every moment. On the other hand, the adults show better command over their minds and can easily let go. They know that how their habits, routine or lifestyle impact their family and individual life.  Most of the teenagers are obsessive collectors of fashion accessories such as footwear, clothes, cars and suchlike. They follow celebrities like devotees.  It is hard to separate good and bad for them.  They often misunderstood or fail to note the fine line between what’s good for them and what’s not. On the contrary, it is expected from an adult that he may show the right path to the teenager in the house and ensure his well-being.


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