Temperature vs. Humidity

Difference Between Temperature and Humidity In general, each of us knows the meaning of the concepts of temperature…

Difference Between Temperature and Humidity

In general, each of us knows the meaning of the concepts of temperature and humidity. Finally, who does not know that the temperature is a measure of how hot or how cold an object is. Also humidity refers to the presence of moisture in the air and the amount of water content in the air determines humidity. This article will show the difference between the two terms and also get details on how the two are linked and tend to affect us in the summers.


No doubt the temperature is a quantity that is measured nearly by everyone all across the world. Higher temperature indicates hotness and therefore we feel hot in summers when the temperature is high. Air’s temperature is controlled by solar radiation. More the amount of solar energy in the environment more is the increase in temperature of air. Temperature is a quantity that is measured using a thermometer and it is measured in Centigrade & Fahrenheit.


At a given temperature, the quantity of water vapor in the air is moisture. It is a fact that the air can hold more water when it’s hot. There is another concept called the relative humidity. It is the percentage of the actual amount of water vapor in the air that it can hold at that particular temperature in theory. This moisture in the air is measured using hygrometers.

Let us see how moisture affects us in the summers. Moisture can not change the air temperature but it really affects how the body perceives this temperature. At times in summer high temperature does not make us feel too uncomfortable and we can easily bear the heat.  At 22 degree centigrade in the UK you feel hotter than what you feel at the same temperature in South Africa. This is so because of the presence of high humidity in the air that does not allow the sweat to evaporate. When the humidity is low, sweat tends to evaporate quickly, making our body feel cooler. However, when the air is rich in water vapor, sweat does not evaporate making us feel sweaty all the time and we feel hotter at the same temperature.

At same temperature in India we feel hotter than at the same temperature in Australia because humidity in the air is high in India.

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