The Difference Between ACCU-CHEK Vs Bayer Contour Vs One Touch Ultra 2 Blood Glucose Monitor

Being one of the most widely acquired conditions, the rise of diabetic cases brought about many devices to…

Being one of the most widely acquired conditions, the rise of diabetic cases brought about many devices to be able to keep people in track with their glucose level. Since this is the only way to prevent the body from reacting into shock because of either too high or too low blood glucose amounts, it is important that you take a look at the condition of performance of three of the most used products—Accu-Chek, Bayer Contour, and One Touch Ultra 2 monitor system. Accuracy is a key aspect in able to make a correct assessment regarding the current state of blood sugar of a diabetic person and stay within the recommended range. In addition to that, such a condition can become unpredictable sometimes rising to a level without any known cause. If these events are not prevented, it can lead to an outcome as serious as death. Like it was previously stated, all of these glucose monitors can be easily acquired through pharmacies, stores and even the internet. To ensure that you will be getting the most out of your money and will be taking care of yourself as much as possible, you must determine which features suit you among the three.

The Price To Pay: From Money To Discomfort And Technicality

One of the deciding factors is the price. These devices are not that budget-friendly but are greatly essential for any diabetic. However, of all the three, Accu-Chek is your best bet for adequate function that meets economical cost. This will only amount as low as $18 to as much as $50. If you will oppose this to the significantly higher $80 price of Bayer Contour, then the choice to make is definitely clear.

The next determinant is the pain that it causes. Anyone, who has experienced or at least seen testing for blood glucose level knows very well that it is not pleasant at all. Fortunately, there are differences in degrees of pain among these three options. The one that causes the least amount of pain is One Touch Ultra 2 as it boasts some of the gentlest lancets in the market. With that being said, Accu-Chek, which was earlier pronounced as the cheapest priced among the three, also has some measures to lessen pain through the utilization of lancets that are of appropriate size.

Another difference among these glucose monitors are the parts suitable for pricking. One Touc Ultra 2 may be tested on the finger tips as well as arms while the range of Accu-Chek is very versatile from the fingers and palms to the upper arms.

Finally, as these are medical gadgets, there are some coding required from time to time. If you are most bothered by that fact, then Accu-Chek offers the most simplicity with zero setting needed. The other two monitors are opposite in this case.

The Better Performance: Criteria And Verdict

Which is the most reliable blood glucose monitor?

According to both customer’s and physician’s opinion, the glucose monitors that best fits this quality in terms of function are Bayer Contour and Accu-Chek while it is otherwise for One Touch Ultra 2 though previous versions worked better for it.

Which has the best memory storage?

Another way to determine the true worth of each product is through their memory for recording the done tests. On that note, the best recollection capacity is that of Bayer Contour with space for as much as 2000 data while the other two tie at 500 data.

Which has the most value with every pack?

Lancets are crucial to the success of any blood glucose monitor. It is important that this be discarded immediately after use to prevent any further condition through infection or transmission of blood-borne diseases. It can also be stored but measures should be taken to ensure that it does not get contaminated. Accu-Chek comes with only 6 pieces as opposed to One Touch with 10.


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