The Difference Between Hotels and Resorts

Everyone loves to have the best, if not the perfect vacation. Choosing the prefect country or city to…

Everyone loves to have the best, if not the perfect vacation. Choosing the prefect country or city to visit is the first step towards achieving this goal. The next step is booking the most suitable accommodation. Hotels and resorts are the most common choices for tourists who want to make the most out of their vacation. Although resort hotels are slowly starting to emerge and become widespread to allow tourists to enjoy the best of both worlds, oftentimes tourists will still have to make up their minds whether it is best to stay in a resort or in a hotel. Checking out the differences between hotels and resorts can help anyone make an educated and well-researched decision on the matter.


Amenities and Services

Hotels are usually made up of the basic services and amenities – a comfortable and spacious room where one can relax, and additional amenities within the hotel such as a restaurant, pool, bar, or spa. Resorts, on the other hand, are usually situated in an enclosed area and made up of different locations that tourists can visit. For instance, a resort may have its own shopping mall or several restaurants or bars to choose from. Thus, hotels are preferred by those who are on vacation for a limited amount of time, while resorts are perfect for those with a lot of time on their hands due to the diversity of possible things that one can do during the vacation.



Hotels are usually situates in major cities and towns. They can cater to tourists that would like to visit historical landmarks or tourist spots or for those who are staying for a business conference or meeting. When one is vacationing from the hustle and bustle of city life, staying in a hotel may not be the best option. Resorts, on the other hand, are usually situated near the shore or in remote locations with few inhabitants. Thus, if one wants to enjoy a slow-paced lifestyle and temporarily escape the fast city life, resorts are the perfect choice.



Aside from the basic amenities found inside the hotel or resort, one can expect more pampering or additional services when staying in a resort. Oftentimes, resorts would offer their guests discounted rates to an island tour or other fun activities that they and their affiliates offer. Hotels, on the other hand, are mainly concerned with offering the best accommodation and only a few hotels offer a guided tour or additional services outside their premises.


Determining the most suitable choice between a hotel and a resort will greatly be determined by the main purpose of the trip. While tourists and travellers can expect the best out of staying in either a hotel or a resort, it would be disappointing to stay in a resort and not be able to enjoy all the activities that the resort offers because of limited time. Similarly, it would be disappointing to stay in a hotel when one is capable of staying for a long period of time to enjoy a relaxed life away from city lights, pollution, and a fast-paced environment.

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