Thinking of a Tropical Vacation? Compare Jamaica vs Bahamas

Picking a tropical destination for your annual vacation is sometimes a daunting task. If your choice of destination…

Picking a tropical destination for your annual vacation is sometimes a daunting task. If your choice of destination favors a Caribbean getaway ambience, your best recommendations would be Jamaica or the Bahamas. Each of these islands provides remarkable sceneries, a cool, relaxing atmosphere and the tropical sunshine. Both Jamaica and Bahamas are what vacation destinations are made of. In this regard here are some points to assist you in making your pick.

Getting Around

On arrival, you may want to grab a drink doing a little sightseeing as the breathtaking views may never end. Both Jamaica and Bahamas offer beautiful natural sceneries that are certainly not a common sight for tourists. Issues regarding safety concerns are relatively the same. It is highly recommended that you leave your expensive jewelry, avoid isolated areas and avoid at all costs walking around with a huge amount of cash. While in Jamaica you can hire a taxi driver to help you get around at a discounted charge. In the Bahamas, transportation costs are really cheap.

In Jamaica, it is an appreciated scenic travel destination. The buildings exude signs of historical museum. It gets you back to the arrival of Columbus to Jamaica. You may explore these sceneries by taking a tour around the Jamaican architecture.


There is a whole wide of activities to engage in at night in Jamaica. Would you prefer a night club, a restaurant or even a Jazz club? You definitely are spoiled for choice. For starters, you may drop at Margaritaville, where the dress code determines your entrance charge. In this one you will be better off in beach attire. Other entertainment spots are easy to access including Italian restaurants, local clubs, Latin night clubs and even the Blue Beat Jazz & Blues Bar. These places operate all night long.

On the other hand, Bahamas also offers you an exquisite variety of hot night entertainment spots where you can enjoy your evenings away. You have a choice between the popular local music bars or better still casinos like the ever trendy Atlantis Casino or the Crystal Palace Casino. There are a whole wide range of stunning and incredible spots in the Bahamas.


You will never be out on a vacation and miss to come across the new culture delicacies. When you travel to Jamaica or Bahamas, you have to try the local food. There is an overwhelming variety of delicious delicacies that you do not want to miss in Bahamas. The famous Bahamian Macaroni and Cheese, Bahamian Peas and Rice and the Conch Fritters are just some few recommendations. Be sure to explore when you get there.

Jamaica is the land of gastronomical experience. If you adore experiment with different delicacies, Jamaican variety should be on top of your list.

Compare and Contrast: Jamaica and Bahamas

Once you have made you picking of the Caribbean destination of choice, you can be assured that you will have an extraordinary vacation. These are some exiting facts that you will find:

  • The means of transportation around the city at affordable rates for both travel spots,
  • A phenomenal nightlife where you are presented with a wide range of activities for both. The bottom line is, you will truly have as much fun as you wish and it is highly unlikely you will not be able to choose a spot that will not suit your preference.
  • Bahamas will provide you with an upscale, high luxury such as hotels and casinos. An edge that sets Bahamas has over Jamaica
  • To explore a rich local history and a remarkable culture including music, cuisine and display of mother earth’s natural beauty.
  • Memories to cherish from your trip either choice you go with.
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