Tia vs. Stroke

Difference Between Tia and Stroke TIA stands for Transient Ischemic Attack. When the brain suffers a temporary loss…

Difference Between Tia and Stroke

TIA stands for Transient Ischemic Attack. When the brain suffers a temporary loss of blood supply, TIA occurs. As it is known that brain controls the movement of body parts and functions like vision, hearing, response and speech, an ischemic fact may affect them all or partially.  The effect of TIA on body functions or movements mainly depends on the fact that which part of brain received the less supply of blood.  Usually, one may suffer from dizziness, blurred vision, weakness or limp. Patients can recover within a day with no residual damages at all.

The main reason of TIA could be cholesterol deposition or atherosclerosis thrombi and spasm or sudden narrowing of blood vessels. Though, one may recover from TIA easily, it should not be taken lightly. It is just an alarming signal of what lies ahead.  It is a signal that in the future, the patient may be at higher risk of stroke.

Though, both TIA and strokes happen in older age but obese persons and people having family history with strokes are at higher risks of developing a condition.

Stroke also happens due to lower blood supply but leaves body permanently damages. It demands proper care and medical attention. Suddenly blood clots start forming in arteries which choke the supply of blood due to which ischemic strokes occur. As soon as blood supply to brain comes to a screeching halt, the brain dies and the patient becomes handicapped for the rest of his life. He can lose his ability to speak, walk or see.

Another type of stroke happens in hypertensive patients in which due to high pressure blood vessels supplying blood to brain explode inside causing the leakage of blood. The increased blood supply will leave the brain shorten of original need while increasing the intra cranial pressure on normal brain tissues.

Unlike TIA, strokes have permanent and irreversible damage.  These can make patients bed ridden for the rest of life. No treatment can stop or reverse it. Preventive measures such as healthy lifestyle, stopping alcohol use and smoking, controlling obesity, cholesterol levels and diabetes is the key to healthy and stroke free life. CT scan and MRI are used to detect the level of damage in a stroke. Prophylactic treatment is given to TIA patients to prevent the occurrence of stroke.

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