Tin vs. Aluminum

Difference Between Tin and Aluminum The Tin and aluminum are two important metals used by mankind for different…

Difference Between Tin and Aluminum

The Tin and aluminum are two important metals used by mankind for different purposes, but the common man is now using the aluminum foil for various uses while it was the tin foil which was invented before aluminum. While aluminum is a metal that is found in abundance inside the earth, the Tin is rarely found and the reserves can not be found in some parts of the world. Both the aluminum and tin are used in making of various alloys. Plating makes the steel to be corrosion free due to which they exhibit low toxicity, tin cans are used for drinks packaging. Both the tin and aluminum are similar in appearance, white and shiny, but there are many differences in their physical and chemical properties that will be highlighted in this article.


The Tin is a metal which is white in color and have the atomic number 50. It possesses two oxidation states i.e. 4 and 2. The tin is only found on earth and is the 49th in rank of the most abundant metal present on earth. It uniqueness lies in the fact that it has 10 isotopes forms. Cassiterite is the main mineral that serves as the source of tin and we find Tin in the form of tin oxide in the mineral (SnO2).

The best use of the Tin is in making a layer of metal on other metals to prevent them from corrosion. It was also used in the first man-made alloy, bronze. The Tin was added to copper to make bronze. Tin is another alloy that was used in 20th century and the tradition is followed till date. An electrician uses his welding machine in which the welding rod that he uses is primarily also made up of tin. It is an alloy containing a tin and lead.

The tin has physical property like malleability, ductility and is crystalline. It is the It turns into a superconductor at low temperatures and its characteristics are still being studied and the effect of Meissner is still taught to students. China has the largest reserves of tin in the world.


Aluminum is a metal that has a tinge of silver and is white in color and which is present in abundant quantities in the crust of the Earth. Aluminum is available in about 8% by weight of the earth’s crust. It is a highly reactive metal that is why it always forms mixture with other compounds. Aluminum is mainly extracted from bauxite ore and is the main metal that finds many industrial applications. Although aluminum salts are formed easily, they are not used by any form of life. Aluminum has the great strength and very low density that is used in making many alloys which are widely used in construction industries and especially in aviation.

The atomic number of aluminum is 13 and is a non-magnetic metal that is malleable and ductile. It is lightweight and strong and has a shiny appearance. Aluminum serves as a good electricity conductor which is why it is used in making wires and equipment which use electricity. Among metals, it is the most widely used after the ferrous metal. About 40 million tons of aluminum is produced and consumed in different industries. Aluminum also finds its use in the daily lives of the people  in the form of aluminum foils and cansl. However, aluminum is widely used in construction for profiles of windows and doors. It is also used in making utensils and even parts for standard watches. The electricity distribution is widely done using aluminum high tension wires.


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