Titanic vs. Avatar

Difference Between Titanic and Avatar The avatar is a great film for pure fun released in 2010, written…

Difference Between Titanic and Avatar

The avatar is a great film for pure fun released in 2010, written and directed by renowned director James Cameron.  It is known for great 3-D computer animation effects which appear very realistic. This is a science-fiction and fun perfect for those who like to watch such animated science fiction movies. It is entertaining and you can truly appreciate the story line. Titanic is a classic love story between a poor artist and a young girl coming from an elite class. They meet on the ship ‘Titanic’ on its first journey. However, disaster strikes the ship. This film is directed once again by James Cameron. Although Titanic was released in 1997, it does not seem to be that old because of the perfect direction, sound effects etc.


Avatar is a legendry film with the great 3-D technology. This was not like those who had glasses tinted with green or red lens, which only gave the illusion of a false image. The avatar gives the illusion of reality through the great direction; amazing computer generated images and with the most advanced stereoscopic film to make it feel real and full of life. Film is completely animated and is capable of capturing your mind, attention and visualization from beginning to end.


Titanic is one of a kind and no film could match the legendary love story. It is perfect in almost every sense including story line, direction, cinematography and acting. James Cameron, the director, is known for perfection. When he makes a film he puts all his efforts and he really got a new ship made exactly like the real one. The ship was similar to the real Titanic. The larger-than-life story of love and sensuality with stunning technology when shipwrecks keep the viewer completely lost in the scenes. The film begins with footage of the real titanic ship in the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It is said that no one ever took a camera this deep before! And when it changes to the new ship model, it seemed as if the viewers were sitting in a time machine and completely awestruck. The film is almost perfect in every sense and keeps the viewer completely lost in the history of seduction, art and tragedy from beginning to end.

The difference between the Titanic and Avatar

Both films were made under James Cameron’s direction. Yet, they are different in many ways and similar in some.

  • Avatar plays in the future while the Titanic is based on a real historical event and was released in 1997 and was the biggest blockbuster of that time.
  • Titanic a classic love story which is brilliant and touching while avatar is a science-fiction and completely animated film. It is emotional but most violent and exciting for those who can appreciate the efforts made in creating the movie. Titanic is a true love story with a sad ending and great cinematography.

Both were one of a kind and have won so many awards including the Academy Awards.


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