Townhouse vs. Villa

Difference Between Townhouse and Villa Townhouse and villa are two different types of residences. A townhouse is a…

Difference Between Townhouse and Villa

Townhouse and villa are two different types of residences. A townhouse is a residential building with a terrace while a villa is a centrally located luxurious residential apartment with all the other facilities such as stables, parking, gardens , swimming pool etc.

One of the differences between a township and a villa is that a township is a modern residential apartment with a terrace while a villa is more of old Roman construction which most of the times does not have a terrace. Township is also called as terracial residence apartment.

Villa is normally surrounded by natural scenary such as beautiful gardens and landscapes whereas a townhouse is generally surrounded by other residential apartments. Villa is most commonly seen in hill stations and resorts where in area is less populated. On the contrary townhouse is seen in places which are densely populated.

Villa is designed to sustain the needs of a single individual or a family whereas a townhouse is built to meet needs of multiple families. In western countries, townships are built on lines of modern form of architecture where in several there are swimming pools, gyms, parks and playground areas in townhouse complexes which are shared by each of these families in township.

Villa was originally constructed for the upper class whereas townships were maily constructed for the middle class.

A villa was originally built for the upper class whereas townhouses are not built mainly for the upper class. A villa is termed as a Roman country house whereas townhouses were previously the residences which were built in the capital cities where the peers and members of nobility used to stay.

Villa is characterized as a large living area which is located outside the city limits whereas a township on the contrary is more often than not is built in the city premises and not outside the city. Villa is normally used to associate with the rich people. Villas and townships for a matter of fact are both old construction styles.


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