Training vs. Development

Difference Between Training and Development Training and development are closely interrelated concepts that intend to assist in fulfilling…

Difference Between Training and Development

Training and development are closely interrelated concepts that intend to assist in fulfilling the objectives of the company and increasing efficiency and productivity. Although similar in a broader sense, there are many differences between the training and development and they will be highlighted in this article.

Training a new employee is an integral part of its induction and orientation so that they understand their roles and responsibilities and learn to perform the tasks entrusted to him with ease and with efficiency. Only after a brief training a new employee is able to perform his job at a satisfactory level. The training makes employees more productive for the organization and is thus concerned with their immediate improvement.

The development of an employee is an ongoing process that continues well beyond training. The focus of the development process is the person himself while the training focuses on organization. Development aims to make an employee capable enough of tackling with tough situations at work. Thus training focuses on short-term needs of the organization; development takes care of long-term goals of the organization.

The training often occurs in groups and is an event which can also be known as workshops and seminars and can also be one on one when a supervisor trains a new employee on a machine. Sometimes a new employee is paired with an experienced person for the purpose of training and let the new employee know about doing things properly. This can be called as the development of employee. Employees may be given the job which may not be a part of his duty, but plays a role in its development.

Sometimes, development refers to techniques such as managing stress , breathing exercises by Yoga and meditation that are not directly associated with the production process of a company, but play an important role in the development the employee.

It is clear then it is easy to see the tangible effects of a training program, but difficult to quantify the benefits accrued to the company through the development of employee although it really helps employees grow on a personal level.


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