Trill vs. Tremolo

Difference between Trill and Tremolo Listening to music is very enchanting but on the other hand, music instruments…

Difference between Trill and Tremolo

Listening to music is very enchanting but on the other hand, music instruments are very complex to understand and learn. There are some fine details, and nuances need to be learned and figured out before you start to play music of your own. Tremolo and trills are two such musical bafflements that not only make people confuse but also spin their heads in confusion. Though, there are some tiny winy differences need to be understood and which can help people to have a better understanding of them. The basic difference between tremolo and trills lies in the way they are notated.

Tremolo is known as the fluttering between two far apart notes. Tremolo is also known as trembling effect and is denoted with a slash symbol.  It helps to accentuate the playing music making it more pleasing and appealing to listeners. To most of people, tremolos are unnecessary add-ons and an excuse for different style but at the same time, the tremolos are lifeline to the music of musicians making their creation more lively and pleasant. The tremolos can be played by right and left hand just the perfect timing is needed.

Trill, on the other hand is the fluttering of the fingers between half step and whole step- apart located notes. To an ordinary listener, it may sound exactly similar to tremolos yet if listened to attentively and closely, they can sense the difference.    A trill has three types namely: trillo, mordant and turn. Before playing any musical score, these needed to be studied carefully. Trills are notated as TR. These are difficult to play with left hand.

Both tills and tremors have the capability to produce extraordinaire musical piece. One just needs to dig down the technique and understand the fine details of the two.


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