Trill vs. Tremolo

Differences & similarities between a trill and a tremolo A piano is a musical instrument which creates entertaining…

Differences & similarities between a trill and a tremolo

A piano is a musical instrument which creates entertaining music but, the music also is confusing at times. Music contains a majority of details which needs all musical instruments. They also become mysterious when you focus keenly on them. Tremolo and trills are among the confusing things while playing piano or any other instrument. It is hard to find any differences between tremolo and trill as both sounds same. The distinction lies in the way they are composed. If listened carefully, the differences could be found out easily.


Flapping of two different notes is considered to as a tremolo. In other words, it is the trembling outcome of the notes. A slash symbol notates tremolo. The music can be emphasized to make it more pleasing to ears with help of tremolo. Usually, musicians create tremolo to make the music more interesting. Most people think tremolo as add-ons or unnecessary for the music to make it a different style. After all, musicians think that tremolos make their music more excited and appealing. Tremolos can be played by both hands. Practice is necessary for getting it into perfect timing.


Trill is the flapping of the fingers between the notes that are just a half or whole step apart. Though it sounds similar to tremolo, there is some light differences between them when keenly listened. Trillo, mordant and turn are the different types of trill. The three types should be well analyzed in order to be familiar with which of the trills are being played. The letters TR is the symbol shows that trill is played. It is difficult to play trill with left hand, however practice makes perfect.

Though tremolos and trills are hard to differentiate, by just seeing the memos you can say which is which. Both have the capability of giving excellent music when done properly. The music would be brought to different work, if you nail down the technique.

In brief:

  1. Tremolos and trills are the flapping of fingers between two notes in musical stores.
  2. Both sound similar to inexperienced persons.
  3. Tremolo is symbolized by slash mark while trill is symbolized by the letters TR.
  4. Tremolos can be played by both hands while trill can only be played by right hand.


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