Trumpet vs. French Horn

Difference Between Trumpet and French Horn There are lots of differences between the trumpet and French horn in…

Difference Between Trumpet and French Horn

There are lots of differences between the trumpet and French horn in terms of physical look and the way they are played.


It is a musical instrument with the credit of highest soprano note range in the brass family. To achieve its oblong shape, it is bent twice.  It has a loud voice and used by big bands and mariachi bands both. Utilizing three main valves to alter the pitch, it was used for fanfares or battle calls in ancient times due to its high pitch.

French horn

French horn found its wide usage in hunting trips or for night watch to call because of its high pitch.  In earlier times, it was not used in indoor playing.  For its funnel shaped, the tube is bent or curled to create circular shape its tube with mouthpiece. The valves are related and when one valve is pushed down by player, the other two automatically close or open in the playing process. Though, it can be played by any finger on any note yet most of players find it difficult to play.

Difference between Trumpet and French horn

From their sound to their shapes, they have lots of differences.  The Trumpet plays bright sound whereas funnel shaped French horn- a louder one. Both are played prominently in indoor playing and band. Creating a musical harmony, French horn is easier to play or buzz than the trumpet. The pitches, however, are difficult to find. Only a musician with necessitate music expertise can play French horn.  The “c” shaped mouthpiece of trumpet pose difficulty in finding its center. The pitches, unlike French horn, are also not locked in automatically.  The harmonics of the trumpet are far and can cause note-cracking.

To general audience, the dissimilarity between the two instruments may not mean much but to expert audiences, from their physical appearance to the capacity of producing different sounds of different pitches means a lot.


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