Truvia vs. Stevia

Difference Between Truvia and Stevia Truvia and Stevia are sweeteners of two types that show some differences between…

Difference Between Truvia and Stevia

Truvia and Stevia are sweeteners of two types that show some differences between them. It is important to be aware of the differences between them.

Truvia is a branded substitute of sugar. In fact it is processed in character and is provided with an extract of stevia as well. One of its main and obvious ingredients is erythritol which is natural sugar alcohol.

One of the primary benefits of erythritol is that it is zero in the caloric content does not affect blood sugar at all. Truvia and is not harmful at all since it does not cause tooth decay. In fact it can be used for long as it probably will not cause adverse side effects in the person.

Stevia is a plant which on the other hand is unlike Truvia. It is important to know that leaves of this plant are literally used as sweeteners. The extract of leaves and purified stevioside are used as sweeteners. One of the primary qualities of stevia is that it is sweet in taste but its flavor is slightly licorice too.

Stevia has medicinal benefit in the sense that its consumption can produce power of glucose tolerance in the patient or person. Glucose tolerance is enhanced by the use of stevia. As a substitute for healthy natural sugar stevia is available in grocery stores in the form of powder or crystal. Aqueous Stevia is also available in the market.

Both truvia and stevia have medicinal benefits as well. Both contribute very much to lower the level of blood sugar and are therefore useful in cutting the risk of diabetes. Tuvia runs the risk of lower inflammation caused by insulin spiking in the blood.

Stevia however cuts down the fat storage and is even able to lower the bad cholesterol known as LDL. You may now entertain a doubt in your mind if the normal white sugar can be replaced by Truvia and stevia in coffee or tea.

It’s actually a good idea to replace natural white sugar with stevia or Truvia. On the other hand you should reduce the consumption of carbohydrates if you really want to fight diabetes. Now is not too Truvia also not recommended as a substitute for white sugar for people with diabetes for sure.


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