Tumour vs. Cancer

Difference between tumour and cancer There are millions of blood cells in a human body which perform different…

Difference between tumour and cancer

There are millions of blood cells in a human body which perform different functions as per their specialization. Muscle cells contract and expand, nerve cells transmit the impulses during times of emergency, Red Blood Cells carry oxygen in vertebrate organisms, WBC defend the body from infections, Skin can cover the body. Cells reproduce depending on the functions they perform. Normally cells are reproduce by method of cell division in which one cell reproduces into another by dividing itself. Cell division is a highly controlled process which is done only when the need arises.


Tumor is uncontrolled cell growth which is not usually needed by the tissues. Neoplasm is the medical term for Tumor. Most of the tumors are harmless which are However most of the tumours are harmless. They just grow and appear as tumour. The growth usually halts in a point where the tissue is not getting affected. These harmless tumours are termed as benign tumours. Some common examples of tumors are uterine forbids and lipoma. Tumors are confined to a place and are not capable to spread outside. Tumors apply pressure symptoms on other surrounding tissues or may give an ugly appearance by a lipoma in the skin. Uterine fibroids are benign, but it may increase the bleeding during menstruation. Otherwise these tumours are NOT DANGEROUS.


Carcinoma is a medical term for Cancer. Cancer is dangerous and there is no specific treatment fro cancer. Unlike benign tumor the cell division process is not controlled by any mechanism. Cancerous cells divide on their own. Cancer cells are totally different in appearance from normal cells. That measn they are totally different from their parental cells. Cancer is spread via blood or lymphatic by invading other tissues. They take the nutrition and blood supply of normal cells.  Cancers are different as per the area they arise in. However all cancer cells have features in common that is uncontrolled cell division, atypical cells, spreading out.

Cancer cells spread and grow in other tissues. Normally liver, brain and bone are the secondary sites where growth of these cells takes place.

Cancer can be cured in the early stages before it is spread to the other sites or it breaches the boundaries. Some of the cancers which can be treated in the early stages are breast cancer which can be cured by removing the affected breast, blood cancer can be cured by treatment, cervical cancer can be treated if found in early stages. But if cancer has started to spread to other cells then the outcome is poor.

There are different ways by which cancer can be detected. Screening is one of the procedure used to detect breast cancer which is done by self examination of the breast or by fine needle aspiration biopsy. Pap smear is a method used to detect Cervical cancer. In case of lumps then mammogram is taken. If there is a family history of cancer, then there is a high chance of developing cancer in other family members as well. In case of family history of cancer, genes responsible for cancer are identified. The gene responsible for breast and ovarian cancer is BRCA. However just the presence of a gene is not a reason for developing cancer. Absence of cancer genes does not exclude you from chances of getting cancer.

Cancer risk increases with exposure to high radiation rays such as X-rays. The regular usage of microwaves for heating foodstuffs also emits radiations which also leads to cancer.

To summarise everything, cancer is a form of  harmful tumor which cannot be controlled if it starts spreading. There are various types of cancer which can be detected through tests.


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