Valmiki vs. Kamba Ramayanam

Difference Between Valmiki and Kamba Ramayanam Valmiki Ramayana and Kamba Ramayana are the different versions of the hindu…

Difference Between Valmiki and Kamba Ramayanam

Valmiki Ramayana and Kamba Ramayana are the different versions of the hindu scripture Ramayana. Valmiki Ramayana is written in Sanskrit while Kamba Ramayana is written in Tamil language. There are differences between the two versions.

Kamba Ramayanam is also termed as Ramavataram. Valmiki Ramayana is the the story of Rama which is the original version. On the other hand, Kamba Ramayana is based on the Sanskrit Ramayana. Kamba Ramayanam was written by the Tamil poet Kamban in the 12th century.

The original version was written by Maharishi Valmiki. Its composition date is unknown. There are a number of differences between the two Ramayanas in respect of style and story.

Both the versions of the Ramayanas have equal importance in Hinduism. They are the sources of eternal values. There are seven chapters in the Valmiki Ramayanas. These include Balkandam, Ayodhyakandam, Aranyakandam, Kishkindakandam, Sundaramkandam, Yuddhakandam and Uttarakandam. But, the Ramayana written by Kamban contains only six chapters. It does not have Uttarkandam.

Kamban has divided the chapters or Kandams into 123 Padalams or sections. There are 12000 verses in all of them. On the other hand Valmiki Ramayana contains 24000 slokas or verses. So, Valmiki Ramayan is double in size.

Kamba uses Viruttam and Santham types of style in the composition of his version of the Ramayana. Viruttam implies the tempo in the verse while Santham refers to the tune. These two aspects makes this version of Ramayana popular. It takes a period of time to develop Kamba Ramayana to be of religious significance. The Kamba Ramayana is generally read in the Tamil month of Adi. It is believed that it brings fortunes to the household.

Valmiki is called the Adikavi. He was the first poet in Sanskrit ornate poetry. Valmiki has used important Sanskrit meter or tune called Anushtubh. Valmiki enjoys a great reputation of being the author of original Ramayana. But the it is a fact that it was Kamban who introduced the Ramayana in the temples of Tamilnadu and laid a foundation for the worship of Lord Rama there. Kamba calls Rama as the incarnation of got Vishnu. Valmiki Ramayana is the original epic which provides a base to many other version of Ramayana written in India.


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